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Bending metal sheet – what to remember for safety behavior?

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The work of the workshop, those carried out on the production hall, or any other that require contact with heavy equipment working under voltage, can be dangerous for man and in selected cases a real source of danger. Therefore it is important to keep precautions and keep in mind the basic, however, key issues affecting our security at work.

Regardless of the type of equipment used, bending of sheet metal is one of the most dangerous works

Both in the case of manual press brakes and bending, there is a significant risk of any kind of injuries to the back and whole hand. In this case, the risk is increased in situations when the workpiece has a small size. Manual operation is often the only way to make the precise steps, and the proximity of the crumple zones and high speed, at which the machine is working yet much enhance the threat and actually make them real.

Therefore, if you are working in these types of conditions, it is necessary to have appropriate skills and competencies, but also a high resistance to stress, self-control and precision.

What else could pose a threat in the production process?

Whatever is method of treatment of metals, work by means of press brakes, rolling mills, or lathes, there is always a risk of injury or trauma caused by moving parts (bolts, handles, scraper discs), broken tools or thrown away items while working a particular machine. That is why role of all kind covers, which proper action and the prescence itself should be checked before starting work.

The highest degree of risk generates manual handling of machinery used in metalworking. Moving away from conventional methods for CNC technology, namely computer-using process control allows you to not only optimize costs and increase the precision of the carried out works, but also essentially improve safety at work.


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