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walcowanie blach

Roll forming is one of the types of metal working. It relies on the formation of materials using rolling mills and press brakes. Roll forming using press brakes, we call bending step. For the sake of the temperature, rolling can be carried out by the cold, warm or hot.

Rolling and coiling sheet metal

We provide services both rolling and coiling sheet metal. We have eleven fin mills with the parameters that enable different types of rolled metal – both thin and very thick. Our largest rolling mill rolls plate 30 mm on length 2500 mm. Section 500 mm is rolling metal sheets 50-60 mm. With a small diameter of the upper roller (490 mm) it is possible to collapse the tight sleeve.

We also have one winder controlled using CNC technology – the control takes palce with the help of computer programs that are managed by the remote computer. They are also computer-controlled machines. In addition to this we have a NC controlled machines – automated devices, controlled by software, using the saved data. The other machines are operated conventionally.

In addition to sheet metal rolling, we are also rolling cones. We make them likewise using bending step. We are creating cones of very large inclination angles and clearly big differences between the smallest and largest diameter. We execute rolling black steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our current projects! We guarantee that our rolling sheet metal will meet your expectations.

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  • walcowanie blach
  • walcowanie blach
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  • walcowanie blach
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