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The production order completed on time? These 4 basic factors determine it

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Regardless of the size of the production, short or large production batches, independent work, or production management, whether the order is made within the time limit, the most effect have the same, basic factors. Their identification and appropriate connection can be helpful.

What affects the timeliness of a production order?

Essentially, the term of virtually every production order is affected by the following factors:

  1. The availability of materials. Not with a sufficient quantity of materials and raw materials required, simply does not finish the production process and, in many cases, even it does not start.
    Significant here is the time from the moment of ordering materials until their delivery.
  2. Time-consuming process. It is obvious that the timeliness of the execution of the order affects how much time the production absorbs, regardless of whether it is a sheet metal bending, cutting or rolling. It is crucial to take into account the time necessary for the required downtime for example connected with refitting machines.
  3. Availability of human resources. In the production order, it must be taken into account whether we have a seamless access to specific experts and their competence. You may, indeed, find that you need a specialist that was previously assigned to other work.
  4. The availability of the necessary equipment. In this case, you must take into account the amount of time that we can work on machine, or for example, rent it.

The identification of these factors in our processes and denotation of the time that is required to execute the individual steps, will actually draw the execution time of a specific production order. However, it is worth to remember a few other key issues.

In order to maintain the timeliness of the production, the entire process must be well planned.

An element connecting all the above factors is the plan. It is a determination of the time of the order to be ready, as well as the ongoing monitoring of progress of each work. For the success of the project in the wise planning production, it is worth using appropriate tools that not only improve, but also significantly facilitate our task. It will be so obvious items, like a calendar and a piece of paper, but they can be also spreadsheets, as well as dedicated software and production management systems.

To maintain the timeliness in the execution of production orders, it is important to have a plan and ongoing monitoring, which in the case of deviations from made assumptions will allow for a quick response, correction and hold on to the accepted term.

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